Upcoming gigs

We don’t have any gigs planned at the moment. However, we’re open to booking queries. Don’t hesitate to contact us, either via the contact form, or at

You can also book us for a private living-room concert.

Past gigs

07-21-2016: Open air stage Kalifornien, “Junge Bühne”
04-03-2016: Galerie Seepferdchen Kiel, “Triangel”
03-24-2016: Hansa48 Kiel, “Eine gute Stunde”
11-28-2015: Kulthaus Rendsburg
11-06-2015: Roter Salon, Pumpe Kiel, “Beat Club”
10-31-2015: Prinz Willy Kiel (private)
08-14-2015: Schwimmende Bühne Kiel, “Bootshafensommer”
06-13-2015: Hansa48 Kiel, “KuHandel”
05-11-2015: Statt-Café Kiel, “Folk-Bühne”